The socio-health solutions attend to the areas of non self-sufficiency

A unitary health monitoring of the supply network

Go back to the chapter indexOutpatient Professional Assistance Offer The offer of specialist outpatient aid is defined by 3 types of need: Taking charge, in the emergency room, of scientific or diagnostic problems assessed as urgent, not solvable in the Primary Care;

The ask for both clinical as well as diagnostic instrumental specialist services, both as first access deals and as follow-up schedules, in connection as well as with methods incorporated with the deal of Health care; Organizing particular targets of clients, such as people with mental illness, for which particular supply networks are structured which have in the territorial professional supervision the door to accessibility and organize the clients in treatment courses that offer differentiated degrees of supply, outpatient/ house, semi-residential and also residential in regard to the pathologist as well as its level of extent.

to collaborate as well as engage

The sizing and company of the offer of professional outpatient assistance have to be consistent with the epidemiological needs of the population as well as connect to the business advancement of Health care, the advancement of the emergency situation/ urgency network, the reconstruction of the medical facility network.

Return to the phase indexHospital Support Deal The health center is increasingly characterized as a location for intense treatment, via procedures of decrease of beds and aids and reconstruction of the intensity of treatment and help.

The hospital organization foresees 3 degrees of health center frameworks with increasing intricacy, arranged in a network based upon the specificity of the territorial context: basic healthcare facilities, with a catchment area of in between 80,000 and also 150,000 occupants 1st level health centers, with a catchment area in between 150,000 and also 300,000 citizens, headquarters of the initial degree Emergency situation Acceptance Department II degree hospitals, with a catchment area between 600,000 as well as 1,200,000 citizens, head office of the II degree Division and Approval.

“In an incorporated vision of healthcare, the hospital has to perform a certain feature of handling the care issues of those impacted by an intense beginning (surgical or clinical) pathology as well as with significant functional impairment, or administration of programmable tasks that need a technologically and organizationally verbalized and also complicated context, capable of appropriately resolving specific intense as well as post-acute and also corrective health needs.

In any case, the health center guarantees the management of the analysis therapeutic path (PDT) of the medical issue it takes care of, both within the system and also within the medical facility network, to ensure that it can be made sure, also in the phase complying with the very first approval, the appropriation of patients to the facilities that have a business level constant with the treatment intricacy of the situation to be treated.”

  • (DM 2/4/2015 n. 70) The reorganization as well as certification of the medical facility goal needs the synchronised conditioning of the territorial network as well as the activation of particular procedures of assimilation and also continuity of care.
  • The articulation of networks is imagined, which integrate medical facility activity for intense as well as post-acute with territorial activity, for the adhering to pathologies/ locations of intervention: cardiovascular disease, stroke, birth, traumatology and also neonatology points, expert medicine, oncology, pediatric medicines, transplantology, pain treatment, uncommon conditions.

A scientific governance of the patient’s health course

Return to the phase indexOffer of Social Health Support The development of persistent and also non self-sufficient conditions, due to different pathological conditions, has actually enhanced the demand for services attributable to the socio-health treatment location, triggering practical reorganization procedures to ensure a deal straightened with the development of health demands.

impairment, mental wellness in the adult years as well as developing age, dependencies.

The 2014-2016 Health Deal provides for the activation of a single access factor which, utilizing multidimensional evaluation, directs the resident to the path proper to his problems as well as needs, recognizing the suitable setting for the provision of social and also wellness services (residence, territorial outpatient, semi-residential, household). Residential frameworks of the socio-medical type give lasting help as well as medical care to non self-dependent individuals with a high requirement for health protection.

They represent an efficient option to incorrect hospitalization as well as an option in instances of absence of a informal and official network of help that make it possible to provide residence care.

Confronted with the development of need, over the last few years the nursing homes have created within themselves areas of diversification, triggering supply devices targeted at certain pathologies/ conditions of non self-sufficiency: centers for Alzheimer’s clients, Hospice for terminally ill people, help for clients in a vegetative state, respite a hospital stay for people assisted in your home.

A scientific governance of the patient's health courseGo back to the phase indexThe connection of the therapy course The monitoring of prevention, aid, diagnosis as well as therapy courses for individuals with persistent illness calls for the collaboration of a number of expert actors as well as levels of health and social health and wellness solutions in time. The procedure of practical combination/ communication between different professionals, territorial frameworks and also healthcare facilities needs drivers as well as health companies to conquer sectoral visions as well as to work in a logic of intricate system, in which a multiplicity of stars, not just health care, are included.

A unitary health monitoring of the supply network

It is an inquiry of guaranteeing the scientific management of the patient’s path, making use of one of the most ample as well as proper treatment setup in regard to health problems within the supply network. Individual-based avoidance approaches call for prevention services to team up and involve with primary care experts (family doctors, family pediatricians).

The cooperation between Primary Care as well as medical facilities plays a main function in making sure continuity of treatment between degrees of territorial and medical facility treatment, making certain the governance of circulations both in and also out of the health center.

The partnership with the healthcare facility is essential for Medical care for the administration of acute phases of persistent conditions, equally as the relationship with the Medical care is essential for the medical facility to ensure secured and also/ or helped discharge programs, specifically for people who require connection of treatment in the blog post acute stage.

The incorporation of social as well as health frameworks in the supply network finishes the offer useful for non self-sufficient people, guaranteeing a level helpful complementary to house help, in connection with it or with medical facility help.

The connection of prevention, help, diagnosis as well as treatment paths needs 2 levels of manufacturing governance:

made certain by the relied on physician (general practitioner/ family doctor) who, making certain the individual is taken in cost, deals with triggering the necessary levels of supply, preserving a relationship with them functional to the continuity of the path;

A unitary health monitoring of the supply networkmade sure by the Public Health and wellness physician with a duty of direction of the health solutions, that activates, implements and manages the partnership systems in between the different supply systems, the sharing of prevention courses, medical diagnosis, treatment and also support for the main persistent illness, the procedures as well as procedures of cooperation between the professionals entailed..

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